Red Wine Hadar | Kosher


The wine Hadar Cohen is a unique blend of 65% Merlot grapes, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and 5% Cabernet Franc grapes harvested from specially selected sections for its composition.

This blend was aged in selected French and American oak barrels for approximately 16 months, initially each grape variety separately for eight months and then after assembly for another eight months before bottling.
The wine has a medium body and a pleasant finish, with aromas of blueberries, red pepper, grass, dark chocolate and coffee. This wine is ideal for accompanying rich and heavy pasta dishes (it goes well with truffles) as well as rich, spicy, flavorful dishes.

As the blend ages in the bottle, it will continue to improve over the years.

The wine is in memory of Corporal Hadar Miriam Cohen.
With her infectious laugh and huge smile, Hadar showed everyone that all is well, as if she had it in her bones.
She was a Scout leader and a wonderful young woman who chose to see the beauty in every moment.
On October 7, Hadar died in Nahal Oz after enlisting on April 23 to serve as a Field Observer.
Smiley, loved, outstanding, and optimistic girl who deeply influenced those around her.
Hadar, you will always be in our hearts and we will follow your path, so dear to us.
“See how good it will be when the flowers bloom again.”

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