Wine & Friends

Wine & Friends started out of a passionate love of wine. 

We strive to bring the world of wine to as many people as possible, at an affordable price and with a personal touch. Specialized in marketing and selling high-quality boutique wines, as well as creating unique blends of its own, the company specializes in premium wines.

In addition to Israeli wines, Wine & Friends offers wines from leading boutique international wineries. Wine & Friends selects wineries based on strict criteria, putting quality and service first while maintaining a wide variety of different terroirs (wine growing regions).

wines with custom labels as employee gifts


Drinks and wines of all kinds

The best Israeli wineries, wineries from around the world, our private label, and all kinds of alcohol


Cases of exceptional quality

From pretty cylinder cases with a personalized face to designed cases


Bottle label and case with company logo

Labels that display the company logo, text, slogan, or any other information. Fine wine with a beautiful design

An onsite wine bar, social events, and tasting evenings

Personal wine sommelier/concierge

We will assign you a personal sommelier, and whenever you need help choosing wines for hospitality, a meal, a particular type of food, or just for a gift for someone, the sommelier will be there for you.

A tasting evening at home or in the office

Our wine expert will arrive with a selection of wines customized to the guests' palate and the meal's food. As the expert pours and serves tastings, he'll offer fascinating explanations about the wine, its production, and more

Personalized wine bar for private events

You'll get a variety of wines pre-selected with us, along with interesting stories about how each wine is made and where it came from. Your guests will love our wine bar. We can serve you with wine bartenders without a bar.

Wine & Friends - perfect blends

Wine & Friends offers Israeli and international wines from leading boutique wineries. Wineries selected are subject to strict criteria, putting quality and service first, while maintaining a variety of terroirs (winegrowing regions). The majority of the bottles are well-aged.

Referrals from companies who used our services

The cylinder wine cases from Wine & Friends have proved particularly effective in terms of sales promotion. We tried their blends with great success and the reactions were very positive.
Avi Lavi
Our startup's founders love good wine and the Wine&Friends team always chooses exactly what we like with great professionalism and always knows exactly what we like.
Yotam Hillel
The third year in a row, I've ordered branded wine boxes for venture capital fund investors from Wine&Friends. Their staff is friendly and attentive to my "crazy" requests 😊
Abigail Katz

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