Wine In Remembrance : 12 different wines


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A case containing wines dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers. The mission of Wine&Friends is to combine our passion for wine with a commitment to positively impact society. In honor of fallen IDF soldiers, we have created a special blend of blended wines in collaboration with their families. Each bottle represents a tribute to their memory, a testament to their character, and a way for us to give back to the community.

The best wines for every palate are available in this case. Ideal for entertaining friends, everyone will find the type of wine they prefer, from light to heavy, from red to white, from simple to complex.

All of the wines are from the Wine & Friends series, some of which are made in collaboration with Gush Etzion Winery and some with Monitz Winery. There are nine red wines, two whites, and one rosé in the series.

12 bottles of 750 ml each are included in the case:

Eitan wine – a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Grenache, 20% Mourvedra, and 10% Syrah. It was aged for 18 months in French and American oak barrels, of which each variety was aged for a year separately and for an additional year and a half as part of the final blend.

In memory of Major Dr. Eitan Naman – Dr. Naman died while replacing another doctor during the battle on Sderot. While serving in the Reserves, he volunteered as a combat doctor for Unit 669 and the 551 Reserve Brigade. The goal of Eitan was always to achieve success through hard work and dedication. After completing a residency in pediatrics at Soroka Hospital, he pursued a subspecialty in pediatric intensive care at Yale University. He viewed each patient at eye level and respected them without judging them.

Jonathan wine – a blend consisting of six varieties, including cabernet sauvignon, syrah, grenache, morvadera, cabernet franc, and petit verdot. Each strain was aged separately for 12 months, followed by a period of blending for 20 months. שהה 8 חודשים יחד. With its aromas of berries, spices such as coffee and vanilla, the wine has an elegant and refined taste.

This wine is dedicated to Sgt. Yonatan Yitzhak Samo, who was a fighter in the 202nd paratrooper battalion and who fell in battle in Gaza on November 10, 2023. He was 21 years old at the time of his death. He signed an Edi card. Upon his fall, his organs were transplanted into six people. Yonatan was the first in every mission, outstanding, smart, talented, loyal and beloved friend.

Red Bar – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (50:50). Aged for six months, the blend exhibits aromas of red fruits.

White Barmade entirely from Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes were harvested in a relatively central area and fermented in a cold and long environment. This wine has a straw green color, with strong aromas of tropical fruits and herbs accompanied by a minerality. Fresh, crisp, and acidic, the wine exhibits good acidity.

The wines are named after Sgt. Bar Rahab, an outstanding fighter in the 605th Battalion who had attended the engineering officers’ course. He was killed by an anti-tank missile during Operation Tzuk Eitan. He was 21 years old at the time of his death. A successful student, a dedicated family man, a lover of nature (if possible, near a cistern when possible). A faithful and beloved friend, an excellent party publicist, a gifted water polo player, a distinguished soldier and leader, a beloved and happy boy who flew to the land of never-ending…

Rosé Ofek – consists of Moravdra, Grenache, and Syrah grapes. Following a short soak on the skins (about two hours), the grapes are squeezed out of the skins. Afterwards, cold fermentation is carried out. After the fermentation of the residual sugar (the dry rosé) was completed, the two varieties were blended. This rosé wine has a light, peach-colored hue that is characteristic of southern French wines. The wine has a pleasant acidity and fruitiness, as well as a unique Mediterranean taste.

Ofek Red Wine – a delicious red blend. A blend of Petit Verdot, Moravdra, and Cabernet Sauvignon are used to make this wine. Following fermentation and pressing each variety separately, the wines are aged separately for 12 months in American and French oak barrels, before being blended and aged together for another six months.

In honor of Sergeant Ofek Arbiv, we are offering Ofek rosé and Adom Ofek wine. The handsome man who was always the first to give of himself and assist others, the heart of every place where he went, you could not help but fall in love with him just by looking at him. The person who loved life, loved music, the sea, to travel, loved nature, loved all people, was a devoted Stotnik. He was the most special man in the world who spread love and light wherever he went.

Yochai Wine – a fantastic red blend with a wonderful flavor. This wine is made from Petit Verdot, Moravdra, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Separate fermentations and pressings were carried out by each strain, followed by 12 months of aging in French and American oak barrels, followed by another six months of aging together.

This wine is dedicated to the memory of Major Yohai (Joha) Klangel. He was killed by an anti-tank missile while serving with the Sabar Battalion in the Givati Brigade. He was 25 years old when he passed away. An outstanding commander with a heart of gold, brave and handsome. His greatest pleasure was spending time with his family, enjoying good food, and listening to music. According to Yohai, “the hands are moving and we are with them, beautiful moments that will never be repeated.”

Ari Wine is a red blend wine. In this blend, cabernet sauvignon comprises 50%, grenache 20%, morvadera 20% and syrah 10%. As part of the final blend, the wine was aged for an additional year and a half in French and American oak barrels before being bottled.

This wine honors Sgt Ari Yehoshua Weiss, who lost his life in the battle of Nablus at the age of 21. He had a wide heart, gentle and sensitive with a bright smile on his lips. He loved life and mankind.

Nadav Wine is a blend of two varieties, 40% Carinian and 60% Marsalan from Tel Fars, Golan Heights. A Marsallan from the Ben Zimra vineyard. A blend of Mediterranean varietals, aged in barrels separately for 12 months. This wine has a medium body and aromas of licorice, strawberries, and vanilla. Has a balanced conclusion. It is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache that produces red wines from the Marcellin grape variety. A red grape variety of Spanish origin, Carignan is typically found in French wines, but is widely planted throughout the western Mediterranean and elsewhere.

It is in memory of Major Nadav Milo, who was killed in Tammuz, southern Lebanon, on 7/6/1997 while he was commanding the engineering company of the paratroopers. Born and raised on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, loved to study, play the guitar, and play basketball. A friend and a moral, humane and humble commander, his words on the importance of excellence and being a human before anything else continue to be studied to this day.

Daniel Wine a blend of six (!) varieties of red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for 39% of the blend, Syrah 24%, Grenache 20%, Morvadare 6%, Cabernet Franc 6% and Petit Verdot 5%. It was aged in French wooden barrels for 20 months, with 12 months spent by each variety separately, and the remaining 8 months spent by the blend as a whole. Wine with aromas of berries, spiced with coffee and vanilla gives the wine a refined and elegant taste. Over the course of the years, the wine will continue to improve.

In memory of Major Daniel Gomez, a Yas’or helicopter pilot, who died in combat in enemy territory during the Second Lebanon War at the age of 25. A handsome and witty man, a lover of man and country, her father’s father.

Roy Wine – a blend of Petit Verdot grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc from the Judean Mountains region. The grapes were harvested by hand and the wine was aged in oak barrels for fourteen months. With moderate tannins, a long finish, balanced acidity, and cherry and raspberry flavors, this wine is medium-bodied and has a deep crimson color.

It is named after Major Roy Klein, who was killed in the battle of Bint Jbeil during the Second Lebanon War, a member of Sgt. Golani’s 51st Battalion.

Karen White Wine, 100% Roussanne. Originating from the limestone soil of the Judean Mountains. The wine was aged in French oak barrels for 10 months in order to achieve its full and aromatic flavor. This wine has a golden color, is full-bodied, and nutty with notes of honey, citrus fruits, and pears. It is recommended to be served with sausages, raw fish, and stewed vegetables. If stored properly, the wine will age beautifully and is ready to use as is.

Dedicated to honoring Major Karen Tendler, a person of high ambition, intelligence, athletic ability, excellent swimmer, and goal-oriented qualities. As a clear-spirited individual, Keren did not receive anything on a silver platter. She was determined to play a significant role after her reserve studies, so she pursued a career in airborne mechanics. She became the first airborne mechanic in the formation of storm helicopters.

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