Rosé Ido | Kosher


Rosé in honor of Ido Peretz.

The wine is made up of 49% Morvadare, 30% Grenache, and 21% Syrah.
The grapes are soaked for a short period of time (about two hours) before the skins are squeezed. The next step is to carry out a cold fermentation. After each variety was fermented separately until the end of the fermentation of the residual sugar (dry rosé), a blend was created. A rosé with a light peachy pink color characteristic of southern French wines. This wine is characterized by a balanced acidity, pleasant fruitiness, and a unique Mediterranean character.
Alcohol content of 12.5%

This wine is dedicated to the memory of Ido Peretz2001-2023, 22 years old was at his death.
His path was the path of modesty and integrity. Murdered by Hamas terrorists on 07/10.
He remains young and beautiful for eternity.

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