Karen White Wine | Kosher


Karen White Wine, 100% Roussanne. Originating from the limestone soil of the Judean Mountains. The wine was aged in French oak barrels for 10 months in order to achieve its full and aromatic flavor. This wine has a golden color, is full-bodied, and nutty with notes of honey, citrus fruits, and pears. It is recommended to be served with sausages, raw fish, and stewed vegetables. If stored properly, the wine will age beautifully and is ready to use as is.

Dedicated to honoring Major Karen Tendler, a person of high ambition, intelligence, athletic ability, excellent swimmer, and goal-oriented qualities. As a clear-spirited individual, Keren did not receive anything on a silver platter. She was determined to play a significant role after her reserve studies, so she pursued a career in airborne mechanics. She became the first airborne mechanic in the formation of storm helicopters.

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