Red Wine Shay | Kosher


In memory of Shay Shamriz.

A classic and powerful blend made from 75% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, 20% Merlot grapes, and 5% Cabernet Franc grapes, all from the 2022 vintage, and harvested from specially selected areas for the composition of the blend. A double aging process of approximately 16 months took place in selected French and American oak barrels, with each grape variety being aged separately for eight months before the blend was assembled and aged for another eight months before bottling.
It is a wonderful blend, both deep and exciting. This wine is full-bodied with aromas of berries, raspberries, and cassis spiced with dark chocolate, tobacco, and green pepper. There is a tannic and chewy texture to the wine, as well as flavors of berries, vanilla, and orange in the mouth. Under proper cellar conditions, the blend will continue to improve over the years with age. It is an excellent wine to accompany winter cooking, complex and meat-heavy dishes on the grill.
Vintage 2022 (אוצר בית דין) | Alcohol 13.5% | Volume 750 ml

Wine in memory of Major Shay Shamriz
Died on 12/26/2023 at the age of 26.
Lived in Shapira’s center.
Company commander in the 931st Battalion of the Nahal Brigade.
From the beginning of the Gaza campaign, he led the Falkhod and was killed at the rank of Tofah during the battle. The words he uttered before entering Gaza have also become our duty as his successors:
In every generation, there have been individuals who have risen to the challenge of opposing the intent to destry him. Those who have said, ‘I am here! I am here to comfort you. Now it is our turn.

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