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Red wine, in memory of Dan Wajdenbaum.

Blend of five grape varieties from the 2022 vintage (היתר מכירה), including cabernet sauvignon, grenache, syrah, morvadera, and a touch of gewurztraminer.
It was aged in French and American oak barrels for about 16 months, initially each grape variety for eight months separately, then the blended wine for another eight months before bottling.

A medium-bodied blend with a marvelous finish, carrying aromas of ripe plum, cassis, green pepper, and apricot and lychee. An elegant and balanced wine that will be a great partner for cheeses and Asian food.

In the right conditions, the blend will continue to improve over time.

Alcohol: 13.5%.

A red wine honoring Major (IDF) Dan Wajdenbaum.

He died on 12.1.24, when he was 24 years old, during a battle in Gaza’s center .

Blue-eyed boy with a desire to devour everything. He spread around him the light and joy of life that characterized him so well. His captivating smile and inner and outer beauty will never be forgotten.

Despite being modest and humble, he strives for excellence at all times. Everyone felt close and loved when he was around.

It was his unique way of pursuing the realization of his dreams that led him to follow his heart.

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