Nadav, Red Wine | Kosher


A blend of two varieties, 40% Carinian and 60% Marsalan, Carinian from Tel Fars, Golan Heights, and Marsallan from the Ben Zimra vineyard, aged separately for 12 months.
This is a Mediterranean blend with a medium body and aromas of licorice, strawberries, and vanilla.The ending is balanced.

To Honor Nadav Milo

Born on 12.29.1972 | Died on 6.7.1997 in southern Lebanon as the commander at the Combat Engineering Corps.
Was raised in Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, loved to study, play the guitar, and play basketball. He will be remembered as a friend, a moral, humane, and humble military leader.
Today, his words concerning excellence and being first and foremost human beings are still studied widely.

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