White Wine Ido | Kosher


White wine honoring Ido Peretz.

Composition of varieties: 100% Sauvignon Blanc.
About the production: The grapes were harvested in a relatively early harvest and with a low sugar percentage, in order to preserve acidity and aromaticity. The grapes underwent cold and long fermentation, followed by cold stabilization. The vine consists of grapes with large and small grains, yielding more concentrated flavors.
Characteristics of the wine: The wine is a green straw color, with powerful aromas of tropical fruits and herbs, with mineral undertones. It is crisp, acidic, and fresh. Suitable for pastas, feta cheeses, goat cheeses, and spicy foods. 13% alcohol.

Ido Peretz
2001-2023, 22 years old was at his death.
His path was the path of modesty and integrity. Murdered by Hamas terrorists on 07/10.
He remains young and beautiful for eternity.

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