Ido Red Blend 2022 | Kosher


Red wine honoring Ido Peretz.

A unique blend from the 2022 vintage (אוצר בית דין) consisting of a combination of 65% Merlot grapes, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, and 5% Cabernet Franc grapes that were harvested from specially selected sections for the composition of the blend. The blend underwent a double aging of about 16 months in selected French and American oak barrels, initially with each grape variety aged separately for eight months and then assembled into the blend for an additional eight months before bottling. An elegant wine with a medium body and a pleasant finish that combines aromas of blueberries, red pepper, grass, dark chocolate, and coffee. The wine is great to accompany rich and heavy pasta dishes (will go great with truffles) as well as dishes rich in flavors and spiciness. Under proper conditions, the blend will continue to improve over the years in the bottle | 14% alcohol.

Ido Peretz – 2001-2023, 22 years old was at his death.
His path was the path of modesty and integrity. Murdered by Hamas terrorists on 07/10.
He remains young and beautiful for eternity.

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